Inline Tile/Slate Vents

Plain Tile Vents

Ubbink's UB8 vent is an in-line roof ventilating tile for use  in small plain non-interlocking tiles. Designed specifically to merge  into the surface of plain tiles without disturbing the roofline.
The UB8 unit has a free vent area of 6,250mm²

Profile Tile Vents

 UB62's offer a high performance whilst retaining the aesthetics of the  roof design and is available in 4 colours. It is designed to provide  ventilation of the roof space, either at high or low levels for roof  pitches above 25° and may be used to supplement or replace other  ventilation such as dry ridge, abutment or eaves systems.

The UB62 has a free vent area of 15,000mm²


Slate Tile Vents

Ubbink's UB11 (380mm x 285mm) is an in-line unit with a multipurpose  base which will provide inconspicuous ventilation in natural and manmade  slate roofs. Can be installed with either 500mm x 250mm or 600mm x  300mm slate vents.  

Ubbink's Vepac (382mm x 398mm) is an in-line unit which should not need trimming when installing with 600mm x 300mm slates.  

Vepac vents are suitable for high or low level ventilation in roofs of  25° and over. Each vent has a slotted inhibitor to ke