Dry Verge System

             The Ubbink Universal Dry Verge system is ambi handed and has  been designed to meet all the UK regulations and latest NHBC  recommendations, with some exceptional features to make the install  quick and easy!

  •   Ambi handed units
  •   Each ambi unit has a built in water drip channel to prevent staining on the gable end
  •   Batten gauge range of 255mm to 355mm, suitable for most popular roof tiles including the thin leading edge tile
  •   The unique starter unit allows installs to take place before or after  the gutter has been installed and includes the eaves closure
  •   Ubbinks range also includes a batten bracket that allows the battens  to be cut flush, ensuring an equal overhang of the bracket to give a  straight install line up the roof


Available in: Grey | Brown | Terracotta

download dry verge data sheet