Flat Roof lights & lanterns

The Frameless Roof Light


Flat roof lights are in stock in the following sizes:

1000mm x 1000mm

1000mm x 1500mm

1000mm x 2000mm 

All roof lights can be made to measure on request. 

The Frameless Roof Pyramid


All frameless roof pyramid units are made to measure and delivered to us within 12-14 working days 

The Frameless Roof Lantern


All frameless roof lantern units are made to measure and delivered to us within 12-14 working days.

Slate Grey


Made to measure colour 

Anthracite Grey


Stock Colour

Jet Black


Made to measure colour 

Roof Domes

Shapes and sizes

Em-Dome ECO is available in a range of shapes, profiles and sizes to suit many requirements.


The Shape of a rooflight relates to the shape of the hole in the roof.
Em-Dome ECO is available in the following shapes:

  • Circular
  • Square
  • Rectangular


The Profile of a rooflight relates to the side-view contour shape of the rooflight.
Em-Dome ECO is available in the following profiles for triple and quad skin glazing:

  • Domes
  • Pyramid
  • Trapezoidal

Size availability

Offered in an extensive range of sizes from 400 x 400mm, through to  1900 x 2900mmmm. 


 Em-Dome ECO is available in four specifications:

  • Polycarbonate 4-walled 10mm skin
  • Polycarbonate 6-walled 16mm skin
  • Polycarbonate triple skin
  • Polycarbonate quad skin


Em-Dome ECO can be supplied in Clear (triple and quad skin), Opal Diffused, Bronze and HeatReflect glazing.


By combining Em-Dome ECO rooflights with easy-fitting Em-Curb ECO  upstands, any rooflight installation and roof refurbishment can now  happen faster, safer and achieve better credentials than ever before.   They are thermally broken and have U-Values as low as 0.89W/m²K.
The ECO upstand come in stock and bespoke sizes, in any of the five standard formats:

  • Em-Curb ECO uPVC 150mm splayed
  • Em-Curb ECO uPVC 150mm vertical
  • Em-Curb ECO uPVC 300mm splayed
  • Em-Curb ECO uPVC 300mm vertical
  • Em-Curb ECO uPVC 350mm splayed


Em-Dome ECO is available with any ventilation option, manual or electric roof accessor smoke ventilation.


Em-Dome ECO rooflights are available with all security features that  the standard Em-Domes have:  Patented Screwbolts as standard and options  Em-Dome Plus and Security Grid.
For full details about these security options